Strafe would like to thank all the people and companies that help us grow and become successful. These companies/people went above and beyond to help promote Strafe and they include:

Epic Games
Website: http://www.epicgames.com
Address: 620 Crossroads Boulevard, Cary, NC 27518

To help Strafe and to promote the Gears of War series, Epic Games send Strafe 5 copies of the Gears of War 2 game, dozens of posters, half a dozen T-shirts and other marketing material. Thank you for helping and looking out for us little guys. Thanks for keeping it local!

EA Games- Shooters Division
Website: http://www.ea.com/genre/shooting-games
Address: 209 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065

In the promotion of the game Metal of Honor, EA Games shipped Strafe 10 copies of the game and over 50 Metal of Honor T-shirts. Our Gamers LOVE the shirts and the game has been a huge success in our store.

Fuquay-Varina Downtown Revitalization Association
Website:  http://www.fuquay-varinadowntown.com
Address: 108 Raleigh St, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

Naomi Riley the Executive Director of the Fuquay-Varina Downtown Revitialization Association has gone above and beyond for Strafe by including Strafe in their Newsletters, taking part in our Ribbon Cutting, including Strafe at the Taste of Fuquay-Varina and has shared Strafe with most of her friends and contacts.

Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce
Website: http://www.fuquay-varina.com/
Address: 121 North Main St., Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

The local chamber has helped promote Strafe and put together a great ribbon cutting event on October 18th, 2010. Paxton Galvanek (Strafe Owner) has been part of the Fuquay-Varina Chamber for years and has a wonderful relationship with them. Thank you!

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